Top and most Tesla FUD

list of lies, arguments and myths that are wrong about Elon Musk. Used mostly by $TSLAQ or short sellers to bring down the Tesla stock down.
  1. Tesla not profitable without GOV EV green credits or Bitcoin sell (not true)
  2. competition is coming - yes and no. Tesla is years ahead. The only competition worth mention is Polstar 2 or Rivian,
  3. Young children working in mines (pure lie)
  4. Elon is selfish and desperate for attention” (nope)
  5. Elon is not a founder of Tesla” - well yep, that’s actually true
  6. Tesla made more money on selling BTC than they did on selling cars over years - you mean 101M compared to 36B annual revenue? Okkkeeeyy
  7. Elon Musk want to take over Bitcoin council - no comment
  8. Tesla is a normal car company - Wrong! So wrong,
  9. Elon disregard for working people - and yet Tesla and SpaceX are attracting the best engineers and talents in the world
  10. Elon Musk is super rich - yes and no - all his net wealth is in Tesla/SpaceX/Boring stock which he never sold for 12 years. He is cash poor.
  11. Tesla is low quality - this used to be the case for body work. It's improving and with Gigacasting the quality most likely will surpass traditional car makers
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