Crypto dictionary for noob crypto hodler

the list is a semi joke semi sad truth. I did it as my daily top11 exercise.
  1. HODL - hold, a person who is HODLing intends to keep it even as prices go up and down. More down.
  2. airdrop - initial free money to create initial hype, freely distributing a new cryptocurrency to people hopefully creating more demand.
  3. Bag Holder - meme investors who continues to hodl despite shitcoin is dropping towards $0.
  4. Altcoin - alternative coin, shitcoin (no big market cap)
  5. rug pull - creator developers run away with meme investor money
  6. 51% Attack - situation where more than half of the mining power running a blockchain is controlled by one group of people with evil intentions
  7. crypto - Crypto used to be short for cryptography but now for most people it’s cryptocurrency. Crypto- comes from the Greek word meaning “hidden”.
  8. FOMO - fear of missing out. Just google “fomo memes” ;)
  9. Fork - beautiful moment of modern world alchemy. You duplicate coins by forking it’s blockchain.
  10. Double Spending - quantum paying. You can pay someone and not pay at the same time. Happy days!
  11. gas - new digital decentralised tax (and it will outgrow fiat tax)
Added by cryptofil, 2nd